Surprise! It’s a Panini Triple Play 2-Pack Break!

Posted: August 9, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in Panini, Triple Play
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Having seen a slew of lovely twitpics of Topps’ new flagship Football design, I’ve had the itch to look upon them with my own eyes (10 cool points for Unmasked Vader reference). The decision by Topps to dedicate an original design to the Football set as opposed to the old trick of recycling the Baseball flagship design is just what this old card designer ordered. So, while downtown today, I stopped by Target to check both of their card aisles–that’s right, we’ve got TWO card aisles–with different products in each aisle! Since Target and Topps had done so well this year with making sure their products were on the shelves on respective street dates (most times a couple days ahead of schedule), I was a bit surprised to see that the only Topps Football stocked was that of the 2011 variety.

What surprised me more was the find of something I wasn’t even looking for–Panini Triple Play! Admittedly, this was never going to be a set that I was going to want to chase, but I was equally as interested to have a first-hand gander at the cards in-hand as I was to see the Topps FB product. So, at a mere 99 cents per pack, I picked up a couple of packs from the only card aisle in which they were stocked. Below is the video of the resulting break…

As per usual, any of the cards that I neither need nor want will be posted in the Take My Cards section of the blog. Those in my Cardboard Community Link-Back Program have first dibs, then everyone else can get their grubby little hands all over ’em!

*BTW… I said “7 packs per card.” Obviously, I said that backwards. lol

  1. Tony says:

    I see the M & Ms have been replinished and Mountain Dew Throwback has replaced the Pepsi Next.

  2. Toby says:

    very nice. i just picked up 3 packs of the topps football today not sure if you are a football collector but i did get the viks # draft picks RC incase your interested

  3. Paulie3jobs says:

    I feel bad for the trees that gave their life for this trash.

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