Crackin’ Wax (Finally) on The Twitters

Posted: July 30, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in General
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Up until last night, I had been using the Varsity Trading Cards Twitter account for Crackin’ Wax tweets. Suddenly I was all like “nuh-uh, foo!” So, I decided it was time to separate business from pleasure. Not that I don’t enjoy my business. It just didn’t feel right promoting my blog through my company when I really should be promoting my company from my blog. So, THERE! I went from “I’m NEVER getting on the twitters!” to having two accounts.

So, here’s the deal, kids. I’m looking to start my Crackin’ Wax Twittering with 100 followers. I figure if you’re willing to help me out, then I’m willing to give back! In return, I will stick the first 100 followers into my hat and the first name drawn will get a FREE slot in my upcoming 2012 Topps Chrome Group Break BoBuBingo!

Did I just announce the next BoBuBingo?

Yep! Guess I did!

So, please, click on the little Twitter button on the left sidebar and follow. Then, get all of your friends to follow. Then get all of your friends to get all of THEIR friends to follow. Oh, it’ll be so much fun!

Now, for those of you signed up for the current 12BP group break, there are still only 3 slots left. The sooner we get those slots filled, the sooner we can bust some boxes. I’ll also be divulging some secret information in regards to the 12TC GB BBB during the Box 2 break on Wednesday night.




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