Two Boxes of Bowman Platinum Walk Into a Bar…

Posted: July 27, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in Bowman Platinum, Group Break
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…and the bartender says, “what’s crackin’?”

Okay, but seriously… the two boxes of 12BP that I ordered for the Double Box Group Break have arrived and are in-hand and I can’t wait to tear into them! The only problem is I can’t do that until the slots are filled for both boxes. Do not fret! While there are still some very good slots still available, I have a feeling that it won’t be too long before I get these suckers torn open.

Let’s take a look at which slots you can still choose from…

Oakland A’s

Toronto Blue Jays

Cleveland Indians

Seattle Mariners

Miami Marlins

Baltimore Orioles

San Diego Padres

Boston Red Sox

Cincinnati Reds

Colorado Rockies

Chicago White Sox

There are also six THREE random slots left for box two from which you could win…

Bryce Harper Jumbo Relic Auto Printing Plate 1/1

Yu Darvish Auto Patch 1/5

Bauer/Cole/Hultzen Triple Auto 1/10

This product has been flying hot off the shelves and, due to high demand, many dealers have been marking up prices on their boxes–which means other group breaks could end up costing you more. Since I purchased my boxes before the price increase, my prices WILL NOT go up!

Interested? Then go on up to the top of the blog and click on the 2012 Bowman Platinum Group Break tab to get signed up! The sooner these slots get filled, the sooner I get to crack some of that wax!

  1. […] week, I joined a group break over at fellow blog Crackin’ Wax. This was for two boxes of 2012 Bowman Platinum.  I purchased one slot in Box 1 and selected the Padres (naturally).  The teams in the second box […]

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