12BP Double Box Group Break: Status Update

Posted: July 25, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in Bowman Platinum, Group Break
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Today is the official street day of Topps’ 2012 Bowman Platinum, and if you haven’t already heard, I’m doing a double box group break of the shiny stuff. I received confirmation today that my two hobby boxes have been shipped. Don’t sweat, though! There are still plenty of good slots available in Box 1, such as…

A’s • Blue Jays • Indians • Mariners • Marlins • Orioles
Padres • Rangers • Red Sox • Reds • Rockies • White Sox

There are also seven random slots still available in Box 2.

Want to get a discount? Starting today, if you sign up with Fantastic Catch’s group break, you’ll earn $1 off every slot! You must sign up there first in order for your discount to be valid.

Not convinced? Check out some of the awesome cards you could end up with!

Interested? Sweet! Just head on up to the 2012 Bowman Platinum Group Break tab at the top of the blog and get your funky self signed up!

  1. Toby says:

    i will chack my money tommorow and see if i can do the indians and a slot in box two

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