How To Destroy a Baseball Card: 4th of July in Minnesota- PREVIEW

Posted: July 3, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in How to Destroy a Baseball Card

Minnesota’s finest Wal-Mart purchased non-aerial non-explosive fireworks. Yay.

I’ve been looking forward to this installment of HTDaBC for some time now. The disappointing part of all of this? I live in Minnesota. What I envisioned was handfuls of junk wax shot up into the air and exploding into a multitude of rainbow-y sparks. Instead, due to state law, I’ll settle for stationary fountains of kinda-colorful sparks that may or may not damage the cards.

At least I’m not stuck with sparklers and snakes.

Yay America!

  1. sdsyvie says:

    I’m in montana, so I’ll do my best to blow a few off that are much more explosive.

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