Impromptu Twins Outing

Posted: June 27, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in Minnesota Twins

My father-in-law posing with “The Killer.”

View from our seats–about four rows back from the Twins’ dugout!

Twins radio guys Danny Gladden (left) and Cory Provus (right).

Twins tv guys Bert Blyleven (left) and Dick Bremer (right).

The unusual suspects.

I had no idea T.C. Bear could take off his hat.

Nick Blackburn

This one’s for my wife, The Over-thinker. Pssst. She can’t stand Kevin Youkilis!

The Midwest Bash Brothers?

It’s Hammer Time!

Plouffe on deck (I swear I’m going to run a fan blog by that name some day).

Wingardium leviosa!

Nice dance moves, Plouffe!

Wide-angle view from our seats.

Brian Dozier. “B” as in “Brian Dozier.” “R” as in “Right over there is Brian Dozier.” “I” as in “It’s Brian Dozier…”

And, of course, the money-shot. Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Mauer.

Who can spot me and my father-in-law?

Yet another awesome birthday gift from my wife, she got me AMAZING tickets to the game today! She couldn’t go, so I invited her dad up for his first visit to Target Field. It was nearly 100 degrees out and the Twins got absolutely smoked, but it was a fun time and the view was, as I’ve already said before, AMAZING!
  1. Awesome seats! Too bad the Twins couldn’t rise to the occasion, but with seats like that it almost doesn’t matter (almost). I’d love to go to Target Field someday. It’s only a 21 hour drive…

    I have to apologize, I’m to blame for the end of Trevor Plouffe’s hot streak. I’d heard how hot he’s been, so I picked him up for both of my fantasy teams… I got a few days of hitting, and then somebody threw a bucket of water on that fire.

  2. Paulie3jobs says:

    Those seats would cost me a mortgage payment at Yankee Stadium. Even the “cheap” seats aren’t cheap.

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