Potpourri For $200, Alex

Posted: June 24, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in BoBuBingo, Group Break, TMC, Trading Up, Varsity Trading Cards
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This post has absolutely nothing to do with an assortment of dried flowers and fruits, nor does it have anything to do with any game shows and/or their sometimes mustachioed sometimes clean shaven hosts. What this post actually is, is a conglomeration of small topics mashed into one bloggy soup.

It was either this or annoy the hell out of you with multiple posts in the same day. We know how well that goes!

TOPIC NUMBA 1: Trading Up For Charity
This is the FINAL WEEK of Trading Block #1 in our inaugural Trading Up For Charity. We’ve lost quite a bit of steam, so I’m really hoping that someone can jump in and make an incredible trade offer. I’d really like to be able to send a respectable donation to the charity benefiting from this trading block. The card currently up for grabs is this badass…

2007 UD Black Justin Morneau Quad GU Jersey AU 45/50

2007 UD Black Justin Morneau Quad GU Jersey AU 45/50

What ever card I have in my possession at the end of the Trading Block will be auctioned and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

If you’re not entirely sure what I’m talking about, what a Trading Block is or what Trading Up For Charity is all about, please scroll up to the top of the blog and click on the Trading Up For Charity tab.

TOPIC 2: Electric Boogaloo
Wait, what? No. This topic is definitely not about a sequel to a movie about break dancing. I mean… I kinda wish it were. I’d have to be a pretty interesting guy to come up with a topic like that! But… I’m not. So, instead I’m going to talk about the upcoming 2012 Allen & Ginter Group Break BoBuBingo! This is the FINAL WEEK to sign up for your spot in the group break and game, so please get on in and don’t get left out! Plenty of spots still available, such as the Pirates, White Sox (wonder if Youk will make a photoshopped appearance?), Tigers and Mariners. Each slot is only $5–DELIVERED! Not only that, but you’ll also be playing BoBuBingo during the group break. You could win every hit pulled! Seriously! $5 and you could walk away with all of the cards in your slot AND all of the hits! Interested? Just scroll up to the top of the blog and click on the BoBuBingo: 2012 A&G Group Break tab.

TOPIC 3: Take My Cards!
For all of those who currently have claims out on cards but have yet to send out a SASE, please do so by the end of the month. All claimed cards without a SASE will be unheld to allow others a chance to claim them. This is the FINAL WEEK for you to get your SASEs to me! If you’re wondering what on Earth I’m talking about… in an Austin Powers-sized nutshell, I give away any and all cards that I no longer need nor want. All you have to do is follow Crackin’ Wax and provide a SASE. Want some free cards? Just scroll up to the top of the blog and… sense a pattern forming here?… click on the Take My Cards tab.

TOPIC 4: Varsity Trading Cards Season 2
This is the… yep. You got it… FINAL WEEK to vote on your favorite VTC Season 2 design, and I’m counting on all of you card collecting aficionados to decide which is the best! The design with the most votes will be used as the official Varsity Trading Cards Season 2 design!

Click image to vote for your favorite Varsity Trading Cards Season 2 design!

IN CONCLUSION: Ladies and Jellyspoons
If it wasn’t painfully obvious already, let me just go ahead and poke your eyes out. This is the FINAL WEEK for a lot of things going on here at Crackin’ Wax, so please don’t miss out on all the good stuff that’s about to end soon!

I’m going to be doing something fun with my followers tomorrow. Just sayin’. ;)

  1. hey I need u to resend the password I cannot get in… much appreciated thanks!!

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