Take My ’07 U.D. Artifacts!

Posted: June 6, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in Take My Cards, Upper Deck
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2012 Topps Archives

Giving away brand new cards has been such a great success, I thought giving away some older cards might be worth a shot! This time I’m offering up my leftover batch of 2007 Upper Deck Artifacts. It’s a set that I was duped into loving initially by a Twin Cities metro area LCS when the shop owner falsely told me that each hobby pack of the stuff included a hit. Made sense. He was shelling them out for $10 per pack. Not only that, but the two packs that I bought from him indeed each had a hit. This lead to my very first hobby box purchase–that being, of course, the set of topic. How dismayed I had become when I pulled just two hits from that box. I give myself a break on this because, at the time, I had just re-entered the hobby and had never cracked open a hit before I bought those first two packs. My delusions of what had become of the hobby were just pie in the sky. After the hobby box let-down, I got my chin out of the pie, my head out of the clouds, and my monster steel-toed boots planted firmly back into our 3rd story apartment. I’m a much smarter man now. I’ve moved on from such naivete. Hell, I’ve even since purchased a house! I’ve plucked a few favorites and stashed them into a binder. What’s left over is yours for the taking.

…that is… if you like cards that look like something Indiana Jones would collect.

If you are AT ALL interested in taking some of these base cards that look like an insert set (before Upper Deck confused everyone by giving the set two names–Artifacts? A Piece of History?), just go to the Take My Cards tab at the top of the blog.

Just a fair warning to those who have claimed cards from me but have yet to send their SASE–all claims on 2012 cards will be unheld on July 1 2012. I have been receiving some complaints from those that have been waiting in line for over a month for some claimed cards. If I do not have your SASE by that time, I will have to allow others to claim your cards. I hope you understand!



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