Trading Up For Charity-Justin Morneau Quad GU AU

Posted: June 1, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in #jabs, Trading Up
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Hello all my lovely wax crackers! Just wanted to give you an update on how we’re doing with our Trading Up For Charity initiative. We’re now one month away until the end of Trading Block #1 and, unfortunately, we’ve stalled a bit. Inexplicably, I’ve been sitting on this SUPER sweet ULTRA sick 2007 U.D. Black Justin Morneau quad GU AU, numbered 45/50 for nearly a month now.

2007 UD Black Justin Morneau Quad GU Jersey AU 45/50

For those who don’t know, Trading Up For Charity is a great initiative in which we take an unwanted card and continue to trade up for better cards during a given period of time. When that time period, called a Trading Block, expires, I auction off the card that’s left and ALL of the proceeds go to charity! For more information on the project, please see the “Trading Up For Charity” tab at the top of the blog.

So, PLEASE help us give to those in need. All I’m asking of you is to offer up a good trade and this AMAZING card could be yours AND we’ll be able to give just a little bit more to someone who needs our help.

All proceeds from this Trading Block go to The Jack Jablonski Fund #jabs.

Thank you all for your help and HAPPY TRADING!


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