Where Are They Now? – José Mijares

Posted: May 14, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in 2012, Minnesota Twins, Where Are They Now?
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José Mijares

José Mijares, a relief pitcher out of Venezuela, signed on with the Minnesota Twins as a free agent in early March of 2002. He seemed destined to remain in the minor leagues as he jumped from squad to squad for over six years. It wasn’t until September in 2008 that Mijares received his first Major League call-up debuting against the Orioles on the 13th of that month.

While with the Twins, José was occasionally used in the set-up role but, as a southpaw, was generally used as a situational pitcher. He started his Major League career with an 0.87 ERA in 10 games in 2008. The next year looked promising for Mijares and he showed plenty of flare in his 71 appearances that year posting a 2.34 ERA and a career best 55 strikeouts. His performance, however, began to wane in the following seasons. He began to give up more hits per inning and, as a result, his ERA began to rise. 2011 would prove to be his most difficult year to date. In just 49 innings, he gave up 30 runs while issuing 30 walks. His ERA for that year had reached 4.59, a number that can be viewed as high for a situational reliever.

In mid-December of 2011, Minnesota non-tendered José’s contract. He was later picked up by the Kansas City Royals on a one-year deal.

As of this posting, Mijares has come out of KC’s ‘pen 16 times and has shown signs of improvement. He has kept his ERA below 2.50 and is averaging 1 strikeout per inning. He’s also given up just one home run this year coming off the bat of New York Yankees’ Russell Martin.

The Twins’ decision to let go of Mijares did not surprise me initially. Minnesota’s bullpen in 2011 was dismal and it was clear that management needed to shake things up. With José’s numbers dwindling at the end of his contract, it seemed to be an easy decision for the club to cut ties. It’s nice to see that he has improved with his new AL Central squad. I had a very positive social interaction with Mijares a few years ago and, while he may wear his heart on his sleeve at times, he seemed to me to be a very genuine and good-natured person. I wish him continued success in his career. Unless, of course, he’s throwing against the Twins!

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    Look, next years Gypsy Queen is already out.

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