Trade Completed: jasonmraz – Part 1

Posted: May 2, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in autographs, Gypsy Queen, Minnesota Twins, Topps, Trades
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Trade Completed

First of all, let me just start this post off by saying that this is by far the…


Well, so far, at least.

It all started a few weeks ago when we played BoBuBingo here at Crackin’ Wax. As some of you may recall, I busted into two Wal-Mart blasters of Gypsy Queen. Within one of those rectangular retail receptacles was this beaut’…

For cards from 2012, this one by far generated the most interest. I haven’t received this many trade offers for a single card since CW v1.0. I was offered some pretty decent items, but the trade that I agreed to–well, let’s just say I would have been a complete idiot for not pouncing all over it.

To illustrate just how awesome a trade this turned out to be, and at the risk of flooding the internet and follower notification boxes, I’m going to post one card from the trade per hour on the hour starting right now. Oh, and, don’t worry, folks. There won’t be ANY base cards to speak of here.

The first card from this trade featured here is actually somewhat of a duplicate for me. I already own the Blue version of this card, so the one posted here is for trade. Here we have a 2008 Topps Chrome Refractor Matt Tolbert RC AU 024/500.

Not a bad start. It’s a Twins RC AU, and that’s exactly what I collect!

Wanna see what else I scored? Check back in an hour!

I am always looking for just about any Twins RC AUs (rookie card autographs). If you have any that you’re willing to give up, PLEASE let me know! Thanks!


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