FT: Adrian Gonzalez ’12 Gypsy Queen AU

Posted: April 19, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in 2012, autographs, For Trade, Gypsy Queen, Topps
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Trade Completed
Who Says You Never Pull Anything Good Out of a Blaster?
(…I mean, I used to…)

So, last night during BoBuBingo, a lot of you saw me geek out over something I was completely absolutely totally not expecting–a hit! TWO hits, even! One in each blaster, even! One of those sweet hits being the card pictured above, the amazing looking on-card autographed Adrian Gonzalez.

I could easily toss this up on eBay and flip it for $20 or so, but I’d much rather trade it. As always, I’m looking for Twins RC AUs and good Johan Santana Twins AUs. If you think we can work out a trade, please, by all means, post your trade offer here!


  1. docholoday says:

    Woah. I would give my left arm for that one. I don’t think I have any Twins autos at the moment, but I will certainly go look for one now, lol. If someone beats me to a trade, that’s completely understandable, but that’s an epic card that I’ve got to get a copy of at some point. Great pull!

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