BoBuBingo: Gypsy Queen – REPLAY

Posted: April 18, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in BoBuBingo, Gypsy Queen
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You Missed It!
(…now go see what you missed…)

First of all, I just want to thank everyone who was able to make it to the live game tonight. I hope you all had at least as much fun as I did. Especially you, Sam! (wink) I busted open two blasters, and wouldn’t you know it? I pulled TWO hits!

For those of you are playing and missed out on the live game, simply go to the BoBuBingo: Gypsy Queen tab at the top of the blog. There you’ll be able to choose a replay of either the game chat or the game video. Or both! If you’ve discovered that you’ve won something, please be sure to claim your prize under the Prize Claim sub-menu found under the BoBuBingo: Gypsy Queen tab. Hurry, though. You have until 8pm Eastern/7pm Central to claim any prizes you may have won!

If you are not playing, you are still more than welcome to watch the game replay and see what all the fuss is and/or was about. Did I mention that I pulled TWO HITS?!

I know! Can you believe it? After I’ve cataloged each card that I’ve pulled, the members of my Cardboard Community Link-Back program will have a 48 hour window of opportunity to take some of the Gypsy Queen cards pulled for nothing more than a SASE. After they’ve made their choices, then YOU–yes, YOU–will have a chance at the remaining cards. The price? NONE! They’re free! Just supply a SASE! Just go to the Take My Cards tab at the top of the blog to find the cards you want!

Thanks again everyone for making this yet another fun and successful event at Crackin’ Wax. I hope to see you all here again very soon!

I would appreciate any feedback you may have about this style of game–positive or negative. If BoBuBingo is well received, it will continue. If not, it could either be restructured or scrapped for something else altogether. Any comments, questions, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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