Trade Completed: é rayhahn/25YoB

Posted: April 9, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in autographs, Minnesota Twins, Rookie Cards, Trades
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Trade Completed
Who Says Three-Ways Are Taboo?
(…even if it is all-male…)

I’ve always felt like I had a pretty comfortable and easy niche in collecting Twins RC AUs. I mean, who else would collect those, especially after the last 166 regular season games? As I’ve recently found, however, my preferred niche is rather well occupied. Luckily for me, the inhabitants are not only generous but also sympathetic. One such Twins collector is the Rhubarb Runner, David, from “é rayhahn, rayhahn.”

You see, he is well aware of my quest for Twins rookie cards, hard signed and sticker slabbed alike. I tend to chuckle at his posts when I realize he’s scored something that I’ve been chasing. How does he do it? I’m sure his kind nature and vigor for the hobby play great roles. I’ve also had the fortune of having a few extra Twins items that were right up his alley. The clever Runner of Rhubarb, looking to complete another trade with Steve of 25 Years of Baseball fame, knew I had what Steve was looking for.

David was also well aware of two specific cards in his possession that I was in search of. He’d been dangling them in front of me for a few weeks and until now I was unable to fulfill a proper swap for his treasure. However, now with the knowledge that I had something his trader needed, he was able to send one of the cards I was looking for in return. The second card I sought out? Why, he simply included it along with the trade for a card to be named later! Turns out that before I even knew of his gracious gesture that I indeed had something else that he was looking for.

I’m not entirely sure how the rest of the trade between Steve and David went down, but my end of the trade essentially looked like this…

Corey Patterson AU to Steve for Jeff Manship RC AU from David
Kevin Slowey RC AU for Max Kepler RC AU from David

The Slowey trade was a rare one in that it was one of the extraordinarily few times that I plunged into my personal collection to complete a trade. I do have a different Slowey RC AU at my side, so giving an extra to another Twins fan only felt like the right thing to do.

Trading with David at “é rayhahn, rayhahn” was absolutely worthwhile! I can definitely recommend swapping cardboard with him and encourage you to do so at your earliest convenience—even in a 3-way!

I am always looking for just about any Twins RC AUs (rookie card autographs). If you have any that you’re willing to give up, PLEASE let me know! Thanks!

  1. You’re too kind in your words. No, really, you are!

    Thanks to your help, I was able to snag my first Neshek auto. He’s signed spring training program for me before, but so many collectors like him that he’s a tough one to get a hold of.

    Yeah, I’ll selfishly nab those Twins AU when they’re affordable, but I know where to send my dupes!

  2. […] On another front, I know that I had a couple dupe Twins AU that Topher at Crackin Wax wanted, and I had been holding them for him. While he didn’t have anything that I was looking for at the time, he DID have something that Steve wanted, so I contacted Topher about a swap. I was going to just send him both AU that I had, but it turns out he also had a Slowey AU that I was looking for, so we had all the makings of a great three-way trade. […]

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