’12 Topps Heritage Blaster Buster – TONIGHT!

Posted: March 12, 2012 by Crackin' Wax in 2012, Heritage, Live Break, Topps

2012 Topps Heritage Blaster
Look What I Found!
(…looks like someone found them before me, too…)

I didn’t even INTEND on picking up any Heritage today. I assumed that, as would seem to be the norm for the Twin Cities, our shelves would be bare until after the release date. With a stroke of good luck, a convenient shopping trip to the Downtown Minneapolis Target, and a random check of the trading card aisle, I actually got my grubby little hands on a box!

I’m gonna bust these puppies out later tonight live, right here on Crackin’ Wax. I invite you all to come watch the live feed as it happens at 8 Eastern, 7 Central. Remember, those of you who are part of my Link-Back Program, you get the first crack at any of the cards that I don’t keep, so watch closely! Please bare in mind, I haven’t done any research on any special cards, short prints, etc. just yet, so if I don’t seem excited about a card that I should be fainting over, I apologize in advance.

Be here tonight to watch live, or come back later to watch the replay! Hope to see you soon!

  1. Excellent, I’m jealous! Heritage is always good for a blaster or two of breaking fun!

  2. Derek Hill says:

    Awesome find! I hope to get a blaster or two this week

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