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Hello and welcome! Please, make yourself at home. Looking to join a good case break? Just head up to the Crackin’ Wax Case Breaks menu! Have some Twins autographs you’d like to get rid of? Go check out my “Want List!” Want to know what my wife thinks of her husband collecting baseball cards? Then you should read “The Better Half!” Looking for new blog posts? Just scroll down.

And now, a video of our cat making baseball cards…


Creating a trading card from a mobile device.

Create cards from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device!

Varsity Trading Cards. It’s a name or a collection of familiar words you may have seen me mention. A lot. Those who have been hanging in there with me for a few years already know the backstory—it’s a trading card company that I developed in which I would create professional quality trading cards for high school student athletes and their teams. Aside from the seasonal base design, just about everything else about the card was customizable, right down to the stats on the backs of the cards. The problem? I was doing everything by hand, one-by-one. I even went out and shot some of the photos for the cards myself. The process was too time-consuming, and it cost way too much to do. That forced my per-pack prices to be insanely high—upwards of $75 per pack of 20 cards! I just couldn’t do business with that process, so I made some drastic and much needed changes.

After nearly two years, different web designers, different printers, and more money than I care to mention, we’re back. While our hiatus may have taken us off of the map temporarily, I really think our new process will put us right back on it. Varsity Trading Cards is now an intuitive digital tool with which high school student athletes, their teams, and their coaches can create their own professional quality trading cards. Coaches set up the teams and the card templates with logos and custom accent colors, then coaches and players can create cards with their own photos and stats! This can all be done from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Speaking of stats… our system is built to handle and save stats. Let’s say you’re a pitcher in baseball. Your coach sets up the team, and sets you up with Pitching stats. When you enter in certain information, other information is automatically calculated for you! This includes things like ERA, and all of your Total stats. We’re even working on giving our system the ability to calculate QB Rating for Quarterbacks! That’s not all, though. Once you enter your stats for a team, our system saves those stats. That means the next time you want to make cards for the same team, you won’t have to enter the same stats again!

These cards are gorgeous, too. They’re printed in high resolution on real trading card stock, then packed and shipped within 2-3 weeks of ordering. You get 20 cards in a pack for just $18.99—that price includes tax and FREE shipping on all orders! In fact, you can get your packs for even less than that until 1/31/17.

Whether you’ve made your own card with us, or your nephew who plays on the Varsity hockey squad gave you a signed copy of one of his cards, you can enter that into your collection on Sports Card Album. Just add your card, then scroll down in the Manufacturers menu and pick Varsity Trading Cards. Voila!

For more information and images, I hope you’ll check out the site and read our first blog post. I also hope you’ll help me grow the hobby and spread the word about Varsity Trading Cards!


There’s a massive snow storm already overhead here in the Twin Cities, and it’s going to drop nearly a foot of snow tonight and into tomorrow. So what! We’re still plowing ahead and busting this case of 2016 Bowman Draft Jumbo tomorrow night! Come back to the break page at 5pm C Saturday December 17 2016 to catch our break live, or come back later and watch the replay!

Introducing—2017 Topps Bundle

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The “Topps Bundle” allows you to lock in the same team up front for 3 Select “Topps” branded Crackin’ Wax Case Breaks* in 2017! Each bundle is $99, non-refundable—that’s $33 for each of the 3 Select “Topps” branded Crackin’ Wax Case Breaks* you’ll be locked into. This bundle DOES NOT cover the entire cost of your teams, however $33 for each of the 3 Select “Topps” branded Crackin’ Wax Case Breaks* you’re in with the bundle will be discounted after full team pricing in each respective break is determined. Once full team pricing in each respective break is determined, you will be invoiced your final team price(s) for each respective break.

If you want to be one of the first to lock up your team, subscribe to our Group Breaks Mailing List. Once teams go live for the 2017 Topps Bundle, an e-mail blast will be sent out only to those subscribed.

Bowman Draft PYT

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See that? Those are the only teams that are currently left in our 2016 Bowman Draft Jumbo charity case break. The first teams went very quickly. I don’t expect these to last much longer. I might also be giving one of these teams away for FREE! For all the details on this break including how you could end up with a free team, just head to the 2016 Bowman Draft Jumbo charity case break page—and Pick Your Team FAST!